About Us

A local running club – made up of members with varying abilities and experience in road running and/or trail running – with the collective goal of promoting running for fitness and health through association, support and friendship.


Penticton Pounders Club Charter (circa 2003)

Purpose and Objectives:

  1. To encourage and support people who are running (any distance)

  2. To plan, organize, and carry out running event for the club and community

  3. To be a registered no-profit organization

  4. To be a paid up member of the B.C. Athletics Association

  5. To provide information about running, i.e.: clothing, schedules and progression

  6. To have social events for club members on a regular basis

  7. To plan, organize, and carry out fun runs and club runs

  8. To hold regular meetings

  9. To provide a newsletter along with the meetings minutes

  10. To raise funds for members to travel to out of town events

Club Benefits

  1. Running partners

  2. Social interaction

  3. Increased knowledge of running

  4. Help with scheduling to help members reach their running goals

  5. On-going running events to help keep up interest

  6. Travel assistance; criteria to be agreed upon by members

  7. Yearly newsletter – list of events and venues